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Need paint design on my Ibis Mojo SL!

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Okay, so I'm not painting but I am designing a "skin" to go on the frame. Rather than paint I can have more creativity with vinyl skin/decal that goes on the frame.

I want a classic look rather than funky. Something that will look good in 5 years as I keep my bikes for awhile.

Any ideas?

colors that I like are white and a burnt orange. I will try to keep the ibis decals where they are now and try to add to it. I don't want to do alot as sometimes the most classic looks are very simple designs.

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Picture of the bike right now? Might be helpful since you want to keep the original decals.
You should go with your own paint scheme, or else if you borrow it from some1 else, its like them painting your bike...
You could just bring it to a Air Brusher and tell him to go nuts.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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