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Do I keep my beloved Blur, or get crazy on a Glory?

  • 2006 Santa Cruz Blur

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  • 2008 Giant Glory 1

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Hey everyone,

I'm looking to get a few more opinions on a trade I'm thinking about doing, first I'll give you a little background on my bike and riding style.

I currently ride a 2006 Santa Cruz Blur LT, I've got it set up with a Fox 32 RL Fork with 120mm travel, with a Fox RP3 out back, giving up 5.3" travel to the rear. It's set up as a 1x10 currently, and I've been riding 2.3" Maxxis Holy Rollers for the past couple years. Most of my riding consists of single track trails, some slim doubles when I come across them, and they get hairy where I usually ride, in certain areas. Now, where I'm located in MI doesn't really have any crazy DH areas at my disposal, we've got some good terrain, but I wouldn't call the majority of it DH, probably closer to FR style. I'm 5'11", about 185-190 lbs. Now, the style riding I'd like to get into is that of FR, I'd like to take on some mild drops, no death defying hills or anything like that, but aggressive at least. My bike weighs in around 31-32 lbs, the stock model is closer to 28. So I've built this thing up to be a little on the heavy side, 'cause I'm not the lightest rider, and I like to ride more aggressive trails.

Now, I may have the opportunity later tonight to trade my beloved Blur for a large 2008 Giant Glory 1. This bike to my knowledge is in great shape, and is pretty much completely stock. If you don't know the specs on the Glory, it's pretty much a baseline DH/FR bike (from my readings), Marz Bomber 180mm Fork, Marz Roco-R 8" travel rear shock, Maxxis DH 2.5" tires. From what I've read, it's tried and true and is a great bike. Weighs in at about 44 lbs stock.

So, there's all that. Weight really isn't too much of a concern for me, as I'm sure I won't feel that huge of a difference. The biggest thing for me, as I really enjoy trekking through my single tracks, is will the Glory be WAY too big to take those tracks on? 'Cause if not, then I really see no problem with it, I see an advantage that I'll be able to continue doing what I love, plus I get to add some more aggressive hills and terrain, and travel with my bike to bigger/better/crazier trails. But, that is what's in question.

I realize I'm currently riding an XC style bike, that I've built to be closer to AM (or at least tried to), so I am well aware of that. Also, I come from riding BMX, I've only been mounting biking for 3 years maybe. So, thoughts, concerns, opinions, all welcome.



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I personally wouldn't ride a Glory on any trail that did not require a shuttle or lift to the top. I seriously doubt you won't notice a difference when adding 12 pounds to your rig....never mind 3 inches of travel.

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Simple, you consider trading a XC/Trail bike for a DH bike. Are you going to only do lift assisted or park riding? If that's what you want go ahead, the Glory is a great bike but if you plan to pedal uphill forget it.

I would keep the Blur or look for a trade for a Reign or Trance if you like Giants.
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