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I have read through a ton of old posts on here and nobody has said if they have ever compared these two tires. They both get good and bad reviews. The main negative about the Fire XC seems to be mud clearing and the Crossmarks have been said by some to not corner well and can be heavy.

I ride mostly on Long Island and north of NYC with an occasional jaunt upstate and into New England and NJ. So most of the riding is roots, rocks, softpack, hardpack, sand, rain/mud, etc. I don't do downhill but have tried it a few times so it isn't a concern.

Those that have ridden either or both of these tires, how do they compare, how are they on roots and the other conditions I mentioned?

My bike is a Yeti Kokopelli, I'm 6'2" 210# but getting myself down closer to 190-195#. Currently am running IRC Mythos XC tires, not happy with how they slip and slide all of the time. Just not getting grip like I want/need.

Thanks for any input and help.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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