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SeanyRocket said:
what is a good mtb shoe for under 150?

I have size 10 wide foot.

I have worn Lake and Answer MTB shoes. Both excellent shoes, well made & comfortable.
Lake shoes are a bit more pricey than Answer. Answer shoes are a bit wider than the Lakes.

I prefer Answer Speeders, they have laces & 3 velco straps...inexpensive...$60 online at have 3 pair that I rotate using, I always have a dry pair handy.

My buddy was a long time SIDI wearer...$200+ a pair...he now wears Answer shoes. He said the SIDI's where not $150 more comfortable than the Answers.

Answer shoes: well constructed, comfortable & a good value (buy two pair). Give them a try.

My 2 cent.

1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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