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need new bike help

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i have been looking at a couple of different bikes and can't seem to figure out which direction i should go.

spearfish-the bike looks like a great value

anthem X 3- the anthem seems to get great reviews, lbs doesn't have one and currently has no plans to get one

epic comp- i really like the idea of the brain but none locally in my size currently-rode a large and really enjoyed it

stumpjumper comp- not really 100% if i would need that much travel-also have none locally and my lbs isn't sure if they will stock any this year

rumblefish- not sure if i need that much travel-lbs currently doesn't have one in stock-will have one in stock however towards middle-end of march.

my problem really boils down to- i am not sure if i will need the travel that the stumpjumper and the rumblefish offer, and most of these bikes are not available to currently ride....i am also trying to stay in that ~2500 range
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