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Need New Bike For Electric Conversion

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Hello to everyone!

I want to re-build my electric bike for the summer! I currently have all of my parts on a Mongoose Blackcomb that I purchased used from a friend for $50. It served its purpose, but after 1000 miles at 40mph it is starting to show its price. ;)

I need a new bike, and my budget is,,, well I spent all of my cash on the electronics so I only have $400-$500 left for a bike. :) I will turn 18 this summer and I am a Junior in HS. I am in too many sports to get a job until the summer. :p It has stopped snowing much and the lawns won't be ready to mow for a few months, so money is really tight ATM. :) The bike needs:

-Steel rear dropouts (for the motor)
-Full suspension
-F/R disc brakes (can always upgrade the front ones)
-Place for batteries (but I can get creative if needed)
-Room for 2.4"+ tires

I only weigh 150lbs but I let people ride it that weigh more so weight doesn't really matter. Weight is further irrelevant because I will be adding 15lbs of batteries and a 14lb motor among other parts. However, the rear suspension needs to be up to the task of containing the 14lb rear wheel! :)

I ride on pavement, gravel roads, and bomb across the occasional field or two. :D I need the full suspension for the long rides on gravel roads! I won't do any jumping.

Now for the new bike, I was considering a FS Dawes -

I would also buy used, but I am a little weary about shipping. Pinkbike also... the prices aren't always what they appear on the listing and I don't want to sound like an idiot lowballing people. I don't want to spend much over $500 after shipping and it shipping is a gray area to me on pinkbike. :confused:

Any suggestions? :D

(direct links) Here is the bike in its current state. I have the ski on it now and when the conditions are right it's fun as hell! And here's a link to some videos.
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I understand there is an electric section of the forum, but I posted here because I thought I would get better responses about picking a bike versus electric parts. :)

I am also on endless sphere forums where they focus more on the electric part of it and that is another reason why I posted here, so I could get some opinions from non-electric riders who know more about the actual bikes.

I have been fooling around on pinkbikes and I have found some DH bikes for around $500. Hopefully I can come up with one of those!

specifically this kona Stab Garbanzo might be good? -
The big problem is of course were to put the battery with that frame were the shock is it will be hard , most of the endless S guys don,t care or understand how important it is for a E bike to carry battery weight as low as you can . You are right to be looking at higher end DH and full suspension bikes you can get really goods one used cheap ! , I have pics on the Endless Sphere forms of mine its a 2001 intense tracer . One of the best full suspension frames to convert , measure your battery find the frame that will carry it best you will have a much better E bike for trail use
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1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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