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Hi All,

First of all, sorry about my english its my second language.

My riding style in aggresive and technical xc ride,but on the other hand to be able to do pure xc rides.

I had 575 and remix (devinchi) during the last 3 years.

I am 1.74 hight,M frame size is ok ?

I am thinking about the El Ciclon and i have some questions because i cant do a test ride.

I think about one of the 2 options :
5 inch in the rear (with 2 inch stroke , 6 )
5.4 inch in the rear (with 2.25 inch stroke , 5 )

What is the different in handling , efficiency and pedals bob during climbing (fire roads and technical riding)?and descents

I like the Marz AM1 2006 (possible to change 130-150mm, not during riding).

the problem is the AC of the Marz in 140mm is very high,around 535mm and the geometry spec in ventana web site is around 511 mm.

this AC increase will change the BB(increaase) ,WB will increase and HA will be slacker,how its affect the ride with 5 rear travel and 5.4 rear travel?

Many thx

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Hi SPR - your English is good ?!

Where do you ride ?

I can't help you with the questions about the rockers - I run my El Ciclon @ 5"s and its enough for me.

I think the AC height of the Marzocchi's is too high too - I have tried Fox Vanilla 32's on mine but I'm happier with the Magura Laurins that are on the bike at the moment - a Pike would be a good option if you want adjustable travel and something a bit tougher ?

Hum 1.74m - about 5 ft 7 ? I', 5 ft 10 and ride a medium which is perfect for me - speak to Ventana direct..

Whatever ride you do the El Ciclon is a great bike !

Here's mine - it weighs 26.2 lbs

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