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Hey all! Just found a 2005 gary fisher GED for $500. its a 17.5'' frame.

i'm 6'0 tall and am just getting back in to mountain biking. I have test driven the bike and it feels OK even though my LBS says i should be using a bigger frame (19'').

The bike is all stock and is described as a dirt jumping bike. i was wondering:
a) could i use this bike on some XC trails
b) what modifications have to be made in order to do so
c) are the components good.

it seems like a good deal. please help.

check it out:

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The frames fine for riding xc but I don't know if it is for you cause its so small, I have the same frame in the 19" and am 6' tall and it sometimes feels a little cramped on longer rides.

If you want to do it a longer stem could help. It all depends on what you doing, I ride mine everywhere (xc, dirt jumps, and light freeride) so its good for me but if I were to start riding more xc then I do know I would definitely be lusting after an xc bike.

As the bike sits its pretty much a do it all hardtail with decent components.

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It might fit if

you have longer legs and a shorter torso. The fit to ensure is correct is the top tube length, and the 17.5" GF-GED is 23.6" long. Your total height means little, it's the cockpit that has to fit.

Here's the GF archive.

And would you buy shoes that 'almost' fit if they were a deal? Can you feel the pain?

It's no deal if the fit is wrong. It's then an expensive dust collector.

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