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Need info on a SiD SL Fork....Model FS-SIDS-BNSE-C1???

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I have put this here and in the Specialized forum, sorry for the duplicate post...bought a shock and the S/N pulls the product up as Model ID:FS-SIDS-BNSE-C1.
Great right? except I cant find any info on that fork...also there isn't any tiuning info for it on the website or the RockShox app. Its a SiD SL, with a BRAIN damper. I think its a takoeoff from a Stumpjumper? Its not the SiD SL Ultimate BRAIN, and its not any of the other models...maybe its a lower end SiD BRAIN fork for OEM? A SiD SL Select with a BRAIN damper put in? The Ultimate has the Carbon bits to make it even maybe its the aluminum body with the BRAIN damper? If thats what it is..should I tune it like the SiD Ultimate BRAIN because the only difference should be the slightly lower weight?

Here is what the RockShox site says...Note the tuning tab is greyed out.

Font Slope Darkness Number Screenshot
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There's nothing special about adjusting that fork, outside of your preference for Brain firmness. Full clockwise is most firm setting. Otherwise, set it up just like the equivalent SID fork, except rebound is on top. Set air pressure with Brain full soft/off.

The current dampers have a bit of free stroke before the Brain platform kicks in, so you're best to experiment and find out how you like it. Bring your pump and hit the trail.
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