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Need help with sizing for a 575

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I was hoping to get some of your opinions on what size 575 I should get. I'm 6' tall and am currently riding a large Trek Fuel with a 19.5 inch frame and top tube length of 24.6 inches. I've test rode a medium 575 on the streets around a local shop and it feels like it fits perfect. If anything my Fuel has always felt a little too stretched out for my liking. I haven't found a large 575 anywhere in town but have sat on a large 03 Koko and it did feel similar to the Fuel, a little too long. Here's my dilemma, seems that everyone on these boards over 5'10" has gone with the large 575 and I'm pretty boarderline according to the sizing guidelines on Yeti's site (closer to the large there as well). So, should I go with the medium 575 which seems to fit great with the 18.5 frame and 23.4 top tube or the large with a 20.5 frame and 24.4 top tube? Interested in hearing your opinions and reasoning on why to go with either size, thanks in advance!
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I am 6' and set my saddle 31.25" center of bb to top of seat. I would have had 11" of seatpost exposed on the medium, which is what Yeti's sizing guide suggests.

I called Yeti and they didn't hesitate to suggest that I go with a Large.

Compared to my 19.5 Turner XCE with a 23.6 top tube and a 120mm stem, I only gained .25" with a 110mm stem on a large 575. The bike feels very similar to the XCE.

If your seat height allows for you to comfortably choose a medium then the choice is harder. For me, 11" of seatpost was too much.

I have also seen suggestions that a larger frame is better for XC type riding and a smaller frame is better for more technical riding. Just another thought. I am definitely an XC rider.

Good luck,
Great bike,
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I'm 5'10'' 150 lbs and the medium 575 fits me perfect. I tried out the large and it felt stretched out. I've had the bike since March, and it keeps surprising me how much it can take. Going to Downieville again this weekend. The perfect bike for those trails.

I'm 6" with 32" inseam and I was on a large fisher HooKooEKoo with a 24.72" top tube before, it was ok but was not very nimble. Felt like a boat compared to the medium 575.

I too tried a Medium at the LBS and found it to feel perfect, I bought and have loved it ever since. I think if you road the medium and it felt good then go with it. Later you could add a slightly longer stem if you wanted to strech out a little. Just my 2¢.
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