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Need Help with KM frame dimensions

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I'm trying to get a Karate Monkey frame set to Guam and none of the bike shops I've e-mail will even offer to try to help me out. One shop was nice enough to tell me that the box is to big to ship USPS. I can't really see paying FEDEX $750 or even DHL $450 to get the frame here. I'm thinking that if I had the frame dimensions I could figure weather or not I could have the frame re-boxed and sent to me USPS. Here is what I need: View attachment KM.bmp
If someone with a 20" KM could measure their bike along the red lines in the picture and the measure the widest point of the frame at the rear drop outs and measure the length of the the fork or remember the the cut length and measure the width of the fork. If the dimensions are what i need them to be and I can fit the fork into the main triangle and have a form fitting box, I thinking It would work. I just need someones help with the dimensions. So who is willing to help put me on the monkey's back?
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Email Surly. The guys are pretty quick at gettign back to you for any sort of technical question.
Already did, but not quite the same way I asked the forum. Still waiting for them to reply.
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