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Need Help with Cassete and rear hub!!!

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So i had a rattle in my hub during my last ride. I came home and took my rear hub and axle apart to find that the free-hub lockscrew had come un-threaded from the freehub core and was sliding back and forth inside the hub.(wonder why that happened?)I got it re threaded into the freehub but I had to remove the bearing cones and bearings in order to do so. My questions are. When i re-installed the bearings and axle the axle seemed tight and un easy to spin. Should i have re-packed with new grease and replaced the cones and hubs?( there is some exisitng grease but it hasn't been serviced for almost 2 years now and been on about 150 rides, so i figure i will have to re-pack) Also On either side of the axle there is a bearing cone and a locking nut. On the side opposite the cassette the lockingnut seems to be part of the bearing cone... is that normal or could they be just really tightened down to each other on the axle. The reason i ask is because when i re-installed the wheel. the axel doesn't seem to be just quite right and now i am rubbing my disc brake on the brake mounts because the disc somehow is now closer.

Thanks in advance...
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Sounds like the bearing adjustment is too tight . Check the washers/nuts for proper assembly order , one washer or nut could be on wrong side shifting the rotor to one side .
Only the cassette side had washers/spacers in front of the lock nut on the axle. They were staggered from the bearing cone nut smallest to largest. I installed them the same way they came off. But yes it did feel as if the cones were too tight. How much play should there be? Or should they be snug and then tighten the locking nut down as tight as possible? Hmmm may have to take it into the LBS to get it done right.

Just for info.

My setup is as follows - Cassette = Shimano HG cassette 9 speed 11-32T
Rear Hub = Gravity Rubber Sealed Ball Bearing for Disc w/ QR
gmcttr said:
Thanks! Thats exactly what i needed:thumbsup: :rockon:
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