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Need Help With '04 Z1 Oil Change (ETC Question)

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I own an ’04 Z1 FR (coil). I was switching out the spring weights and oil, and had a question.

The damper cartridge for the rebound slides effortlessly through its motion when I pump the cartridge to remove the residual oil. No issues there. My concern is with the ETC cartridge.

When I try to cycle the ETC cartridge, it is difficult to get the cartridge to move without some effort. It is almost as if it catches on something or hits a snag in the travel. Is this normal? It is nowhere as smooth a movement as the rebound cylinder. I thought at one time I was told this was normal, but I can not remember.
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My 2003 Z1 is exactly the same. I've always thought it was a bit odd, but haven't noticed any trouble.
Mine is the same way--sort of. It's smooth but much more difficult to compress than the damper. And once compressed is much more difficult to extend. Once it starts extending though it's smooth thoughout the travel--it just takes more effort.
WaveDude - That Is What It Does

Guess mine is not buggered up, just normal.

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