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Need help picking first hardtail

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I am new ti biking. Really havent rode in years. I am 6'6" tall. Went to local bike store and they recomended Giant Revel 1 or 0. It seems all shps I talk to push their product which I understand but I am just looking for honest opinions on what would be best for the buck. Not and extreme rider but will be undertaking some intermediate trails. HELP PLEASE!!:) :)
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You have picked a hardtail so this makes selection a little easier. Looking at your height I would suggest a 29er. Go to a couple of different shops and test their 29er out and see which one seems to fit you and your budget the best. IMO most bike brands carried at a dedicated bike store are going to be pretty decent. So just find the one you like the most and buy it.

If you provide a price range people can help you with ins/outs of the various models.
I looked at the Talon 29er and like the overall look alot. Ride was comfortable even though they didn't have an XL frame in stock to test. Tried the Revel 1 in an XL frame and it was nice. Handles great. Reviews seem to frown on the front fork of the 1 which is why they recomended the Revel 0. Looking in the $500.00 - $750.00 range.
I would try some other brands besides Giant to see if there is a difference in terms of fit and ride for you. Don't get too hung up on components, as you will see each company trims or adds in some places to hit their price point.

This is your first bike real mtb so it is most important that you find one that fits you correctly, and that you can feel confident on.

Pick the one that rides the best.
Look at the Specialized Rockhopper. I suspect you need a bike that is bigger than what Giant offers. You could look at the Rockhopper 29er, but it's outside your price range.
I'm not sure I believe there is much difference a this level

More important, I think, is that it fits you adn you have a good service plan with your bike shop. Getting satrted is all about having a bike upon which you are comfortable that operates well. After that getting as much time on the bike as you can will take care of most of yoru questions. MTB has enough challenges without having problems with a bike that doesn't work. Stuff happens. If the shop is behind you and you build agood relationship with them you will enjoy more time on the bike.

Don't overthink this. Set a price, then raise it, and find something that feels good.

FWIW a 29er is not a bad idea for your size.
Yeah at 6'6" you're a poster child for a 29er. You're probably fairly heavy at that size, even if you're in good shape, so your fork will probably take a beating.

The biggest difference, IMO, between an entry bike and the next step up is a service-able fork. Suntours are an entry-level fork... parts are hard to come by, so if you blow it out you're looking at a new fork. Not cheap.

I would look for a Dart, at least. It's serviceable, but at your size questionable if it could take the beating. If you can up your budget slightly for an air fork, that will allow you to tune the suspension better. The fork is often the most expensive component on the bike next to the frame. It's more expensive to upgrade later... you get a "discount" on the components on a complete bike.... so I would suggest go for the best fork you can in a bike that you like.

Might want to check the clydesdale forum here... for taller/heavier riders. They probably have some good suggestions.

Good luck!
I wouldn't think the brand is as important as the fit, a 29er with your height, and a good air fork, you'll need adjustability, the coil spring forks are not very adjustable. Wide bars are a great asset and with your size a must, then you'll need a good saddle, padded shorts, and you'll be ready to go. Happy Trails
Thanks to everyone for all the good info. I had looked at the Giant Talon 29er which seemed a better overll sixe for me to begine with. Visited a couple more LBSs around today and The guys that seem most knowledgeable all say to go 29er so that is what I am looking at. Upping my price range to find something with the air shock as well. I'll post back what I end up with in the next couple days.
Happy for time being:) I ended up with a 2010 Specialized Rockhopper 29er 23inch frame. I found it new old stock at LBS. Not crazy about the green but got a killer deal. Rode quite a bit over the weekend and it feels great. No complaints. I would love to have a few upgrades but with what I paid I can upgrade as I go along. Thanks for all the help everyone!:thumbsup:
Congradulations, Happy Trails!!
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