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Hey guys, sorta stuck picking between these two bikes, hoping you guys can help, the first is this one-
Iron Horse Outlaw 21 speed with front suspension:

and the 2nd is this one-

Specialized Hardrock:
per sellers description-
"I am selling my late 90's model year Specialized Hardrock AXFS bike. It has a strong and light aluminum frame, with no cracks. It also has a RockShox front shock.

Last year I spent over $300 upgrading the brakes(Shimano XT), crankset, chain, shifters, cables, handlebar, and MORE!!! Since the upgrades I have ridden the bike only 3 times, and all on paved joke. I realized that the bike is just too small for me now. I probably should have realized this before the big upgrades, but oh loss is your gain!

I am 6'1" and its a bit too small for me. It is a 17" frame and will fit anyone from 5'6" to 5'10".

The bike will probably need new derailers, front and rear. I know they need to be adjusted for sure, but they are old so a new set would be good for the bike."

Stuck deciding between the two, I really like the Iron Horse because of the disc brake features and the shifters, but at the same time can't decide if the specialized will be better, I'm new to mt. biking and have recently started riding trails and would appreciate your guys input, thanks.

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The size of the bike frame is important!

If you are 6'1", the 17" Hard Rock is most likely much too small for you.

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Post a $2 add at the classified section :D

Take the money from selling your old bike & the money you have saved for the new bike & buy a much better bike for yourself & get out on the trails. There is some beautifull weather rolling in, get out with the wife or girl friend, the buds (not the smoking type) & enjoy the wilderness more.

Personally i like to recomend the Ibex bikes because of the product value & customer service, both top notch. Ibex is a net company so unless you live around Georga a test ride is out but they offer a 30 day satisfaction guarantee. Compair the components, fork & frame to any other bikes & you will find much better bang for the buck. :drumroll:

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