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Need help on choice for my 1st full sus bike

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hi guys..i hope to have a non biased opinion here..(i know, i'm a cannondale lover myself too and leaning towards the scalpel as well, but i need to know why it's better than the XO)

i have basically narrowed down to 2 of these bikes for my 1st ever full sus..

1. Giant XO

or the

2. Scalpel 2

seriously not very sure which one is better..

anyone has an opinion?

thks guys =)
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Giant XO rides more like a FS whereas the Scalpel 2 is STILL more of a soft tail on the trail. You'll be able to ride longer on the XO but the Scalpel will feel faster on smooth trails.
HAL 9000 said:
Lefty Fork Nuff Said...
Yep, exactly. And now with Project 321, you can take it with you too:thumbsup:
Get tough! Find one of the newest Prophets left and get it at a great price. There may be one left at some LBS. The bikes you are looking at are both great but you may want something tougher and still have cash left for upgrades, nite lights, GPS, back pack, etc. Made in USA helps.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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