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I have a 66R and just did a change. It's pretty much the same as the 888 although the cartridges will look a little different. Look at the Go-Ride 888 instructions and at the Enduro Seals site for the basics of an oil change.You need a 15mm socket for the footnuts and I think a 26mm for the top-caps (but I could be wrong on that). Ideally you will have a socket to use on the top-caps becuase an adjustable-wrench barely fits. Grind down the outside of the socket so it fits. You might as well go ahead and plan on pulling the lowers off because: 1) You'll want to clean and lube around the seals and wipers. 2) The top-caps will likely be stuck to the cartridges (so you can't pull the springs) and it's easier just to pull the lowers off and the carts out in one-piece than it is to get the top-caps unstuck. You can leave the knobs attached to the topcaps but I would set them to the middle settings first and then, when loosening the top-caps every few turns, check the knobs and make sure they aren't binding one-way or the other. Once it's apart, let the cartridges stand somewhere to drain. Every now and then compress them a little to help them along. If you can get the top-caps loose you'll be able to pull the springs and compress them completely to really empty them. Clean everything. Put 'em back together. Fill with 220ml of Golden-Spectro oil on both sides (or however much you need based on your weight).
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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