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Need help finding new cones

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I want to buy new cones for a Joytech B90 front hub. This hub is from a bike that is at least a decade old, if not older. I'm rebuilding the hubs for a friend, and the cones on the front hub are pitted. Can anyone school me in how to identify the correct set of replacement cones?

I'm looking at the following page, at some cones from Wheel Manufacturing:

The bike I'm working on has a 9mm axle, the current cone is 15mm in diameter, and it is 12.8mm long. That much I'm sure of. However, there are three options on the above page that fit the criteria I've just listed. How do I decide which option is the correct option? Does it even matter?
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make sure you figure out the correct thread pitch...Taiwan hubs are usually 26tpi which would leave you one option.
So if I measure one inch and count 26 threads, then I have 26tpi, right? I'll measure tomorrow.

It's reasonable, isn't it, to replace just the cones? Will it hurt anything to mix new cones with old cups?
It looks like this one then:

I'll measure the TPI tomorrow though, to be sure.

Thanks mtnbiker, for your help.
as long as the cups are not pitted, you'll be fine. Your using new bearings too...right
There's a small amount of pitting in one cup. I can't replace the cups though. They way I see it, I either live with that pitting, or I buy a new wheel, and the bike isn't worth that much investment.
I feel your pain, I had an old Peugot that needed new cones, after hitting every shop in town I was only able to find one that would work. I gave up and made it a fixie with a new wheel.

You should be able to find a used 26" front wheel pretty easy. I just posted on craigslist for a cheap 27" front and got a hit, there's probably a lot more old 26" wheels taking up space in fact there's one in mine.
I had an old Peugot that needed new cones
French threading...I HATE old Peugot bikes to this day from working in the bike shops, 99% were total garbage that people swore were "diamonds in the rough"
mtnbiker72 said:
French threading...I HATE old Peugot bikes to this day f"
I have to say it makes a hell of a fixie, very light without gears. Unfortunately the bottom bracket is going, I hope it can be rebuilt, no clue how hard it will be to find a new one that fits.
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