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Hi guys. I'm not really a beginner but thought this would be the best place to post this Thread.

I currently own 2 bikes, a 2007 Norco Rival and a 2004 Norco Sasquatch.

When buying the Rival, I made the Mistake of buying one with a frame too large. I still rode it for a few months but it was never very stable downhill and over jumps, so I bought my friends Medium-size 2004 Sasquatch from him as he didn't want it anymore.

The Sasquatch has served me great and all, but it is a little old and it is about time that I upgrade.

I am going to sell both of my bikes and hopefully get about 1000 dollars out of doing so, and then I will have a further 1000 dollars to spend. So my budget is 2000 dollars Australian.

The problem is, I don't no what to buy. I was thinking of getting either an 08 Rampage, Manik or Sasquatch. But I have heard that the 08 Norco's aren't as good as the previous models. Is this true?

I want to buy another Hardtail, as I am more of an all around rider. I go from street to jumps to downhill, so a squishy just wouldn't be viable all around.

So yeah, any help is appreciated. If you have any questions just ask
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