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Any and All,

I was ridding up at Deer Valley, UT on the 4th a few days back and was having a blast. Towards the end of the day I was secessioning the triple step drop at the bottom of the NCS course and on my last hit, I landed pretty hard and snapped the lower bar on my swing arm straight in half!!! I have never seen this happen to anyone before

I ride an Iron Horse SGS Pro, which is the 03-04 model before Iron Horse switched to their Sunday with the DW linkage. My problem is this, I have my bike into Go-Ride right now (Big Iron Horse Dealer), and they have called Iron Horse for me to see if they might still have a new swing arm that they could ship to me, but the problem is, since Iron Horse has gone away from my linkage and does not produce them any more, it is not looking good for getting a replacement part from them anymore.

If any of you know of someone that has an SGS Pro Frame Medium Size sitting around that they would sell me the swing arm off of it would be much appreciated!!! If I can't find one in good shape, my only other option is purchasing almost a whole new bike (the bracket and hubs on my bike are wider than what manufactures now are producing bikes with, so switching stuff over besides the brakes and other little stuff would not work).

Please!!! Any leads???!!!!
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