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hey there-

I bought some juicy 5's and had the bike shop install them a while ago, now the rear is spongy and I've been trying to bleed the rear brake myself without any success.

I have the avid bleed kit, and i've looked over the park tools website FAQ several times, as well as several posts on this site.

My first bleed was not too bad, but still spongy, and the brake didn't grab until i squeezed more than halfway to the handlebar. The second attempt was a total flop...way too spongy.

A couple of questions...

1. the directions say something about removing the reservoir cover to verify that all the air has been removed from the reservoir. Is this possible with the juicy 5?

2. When I'm drawing back on the caliper syringe to remove the air, I find that if i pull hard, the air bubbles never stop coming out? there's never a point where there seems to be no more air left in the system. is this right?

anyways, any tips would be appreciated, b/c i hate to give in and take it back into the bike shop....
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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