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Need help- '03 or '04 etsx?

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I am in the market for an ETSX. Money is a concern and I see some '03 ETSX's (frames) available for roughly $1,000. I know there are some differences in hardware between '03 and '04 frames but I am not really sure what they are and more importantly, I am not sure what they would mean to me... were there problems with the '03 rear link and hardware?

I'm not a racer, but I do weigh 210lb.s so would the Rad Tubing on the '03 be stronger and better for me?

I already have a Fox Vanilla C/O Pro Pedal rear shock that will fit the frame (I would just need to get a stiffer spring) so the difference between the older float and newer AVA is not a deal breaker...

Any help in perspective would be greatly appreciated!
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Hey Molasses,

There is a structural difference between the 03 and 04 ETSX frames. There are a couple of previous ETSX threads where some of the other guys detail the differences. Sorry, I can't recall those differences exactly, but I think the rear end of the 04 frames is beefier, but don't quote me on that. If you have a quick browse, you'll probably come across the info.

I had the same choice between an 03 ETSX-30 and an 04 ETSX-30. However, being around the end-of-financial-year when I was buying, the bike shop did a better deal on the 04 than the 03 model, so I went for the 04. Either way, I don't think you'll be unhappy with the ETSX!

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