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My wife and I are headed to New York for 2 weeks August 18-31 to visit family and friends. We're bringing bikes with us (XC hardtail and 29er enduro bike for me, gravel bike for her). I've got most of the itinerary figured out but still have a couple gaps.

Letchworth: looking for gravel ride in or into the park. Parents live half hour east of Portageville, so no need for camping or accommodations. Hoping for 20 miles or less with some killer views. So far the best I've come up with is to ride the Genessee Valley Greenway from Nunda into the park, then over to Big Bend, all on the East side of the park. Any better ideas? Bonus points if there's good ice cream spot at or near the ride finish.

Adirondack: Wife's family is in Piseco/Speculator, and we're looking for ride ideas within an hour of there. gravel, canal path, rail trail, etc. What's the stuff like over by Oak Mountain? Trailforks has some Green Circle-rated stuff in that neighborhood that might be up her alley.

Any and all ideas greatly appreciated. Thanks!

Oneonta: Not really a request, but an invite. Sunday, August 22. 10 AM, Wilber Park in Oneonta. 30 miles XC/AM ride. mostly singletrack, 3300 ft of climbing. plenty of bail-out points along the way. parking with restrooms and water HERE
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