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Need american riders help to get some 2011 revelations shipped!

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Im a rider from the uk and have just recently found out that its not possible to buy a 'Rockshox RLT TI Dual position air 2011' fork with a tapered steerer in the uk, the only tapered steerers coming to the uk on the revs are going to be on the world cup models which is wellll out of my price range.

I've just recently brought a santa cruz blur ltc frame and really want to make the most of the 1.5 - 1 1/8 taperered steerer and have my heart set on theses forks so i was just wondering if any of the american riders out there can send me a link to a site where i can order them and import them to the uk as thats the only option open to me now. Preferably a site which doesnt charge an arm and a leg for shipping.... Really need the help here as im really struggling to find an american based company who can ship them over. Cheers guys!

(If anyones had a spin on these forks yet would be great to know what your thought!!)
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Have you checked chain reaction cycles? They have the fork you are looking for, but not tapered. Maybe they can get one, maybe not. Maybe you already checked there. I don't know. Have you checked eBay? or have you considered Fox? Or even Marzocchi? I keep hearing and reading about how good the 44 RC3 TI fork is. I know, shocking to hear that Marzocchi is making a good fork again! I wish I could help you out further, but aside from chain reaction cycles, I can't think of any other online store that ships to your location.
Hay mate thanks for the links thats spot on. I,ve tried two bike sites in the uk both of whom cant sort them out for me. One of the companies had a meeting with the uk manager of rock shox and hes said that the only revelation fork coming to he uk with a tapered steerer is the world cup model. So im guessing chainreaction being a uk company wont have any either, they certainly dont on there site which i,ve checked. They would just have to do the same as im planning on and ship them in from america.

Looked on ebay with no luck, again all the revs with tapered steerers are from the usa and not the model im after. Considered fox but really got my heart set on the revs, always been a slightly bigger fan of the rock shoxs and the reviews the revs are gettin over here in the uk are amazing.

Looking at it shipping only takes 5 days and is costing $69 dollars which is pritty gd, so shipping them in shouldnt be a huge problem. Just slightly worried how much im going to get stung by the import duty tax and v.a.t when it gets to england!.... Seriously crazy how much more expensive bike parts are in the uk compared with america!!
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Here's another where the initial price is a little cheaper still. . . . .

But I couldn't find anything about shipping to the UK.
Found others, but they clearly state "No International Customers"
Nasi0ne said:
Looked on ebay with no luck, again all the revs with tapered steerers are from the usa and not the model im after.
worldwide shipping.

price tag is a little steep though, especially considering the import fees and VAT.
but at least you know it's not impossible to find it :)
also, i believe you can make use of companies like meest or shipito to order stuff from the sellers who ship only to the US. they'll receive your package from the seller and then send it to you.
Hi mate ok ill look into that do they have a website? Jeffj its the 2position air fork that im after thats the dual air, thinks thats why its a little bit on the cheaper side, dont think they have the dual position air on that site, cheers anyway mate.
Nasi0ne said:
Hi mate ok ill look into that do they have a website?
just google for "meest" and "shipito" :thumbsup:
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