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Need Advice, which one of these 3 Forks should I buy ?

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Hi MTB Trendsetters & Merry Xmas
I am rebuilding my wife's Apollo 15" Provence bike, as she likes the step thru frame & geometry.
It now has a 27 speed Deore LX drive train, Fulcrum red metal 5 wheelset & FSA k-force XC handle bars.

The RST Capa T6 (80mm) forks need to be upgraded also, Wiggle UK have 3 that are within my price range and look like they would suite the light XC riding we do !

Rockshox Tora Race Solo Air OE 2009 80-100mm travel 1962g $ 277.00
Rockshox Recon Race OE 2009 100mm travel $302.00
Marzocchi Bomber MX LO 2009 100mm travel $171.00

Which one would you choose ?
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1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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