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So a few years ago I stopped riding on a regular basis, I'm starting to ride more again and I need some new rims.

Mostly I do XC riding, I have been known to do a big drop now and then, but I am light enough that I've never had a problem with tacoing rims. Currently I have an old set of Mavic 221s that are splitting at the seams.

So I'd like a set of rims that weigh less than 450gms, cost ~$50 or less, are welded and machined, work with rim brakes, and are available with 28 and 32 holes.

I know Mavic makes good rims, but they make so many rims I don't know where to start, and they seem pricey.

Right now I am leaning towards a Sun 0 degree XC, or UFO. Any more opinions on the UFO? (There aren't many reviews of it yet)

Anything else I should look at?
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