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So my youngest has been getting flats on his 24" bike way to often. I've checked the tires for thorns, checked the tubes and they're getting punctures in different locations, etc. So I've decided to try and convert the wheels to tubeless. I've done several searches and can't seem to find exactly the system I'm conisdering and thought maybe someone here can help.

I can't use the Stans 24" kit because his rims are drilled for Schraeder valves. I've bought 2 20" tubes (with Schraeder valves) and my plan is to stretch those over the rim and cut them in half and do the "ghetto" conversion with Stans sealant. Has anyone tried this and can you give me some feedback on how it worked out? Anything I need to lookout for or issues to avoid. Thanks in advance and sorry if I'm missing a post that has this info in it.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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