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Need Advice - Front seating toddler seat that won't mess up my carbon frame

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I'd like to start taking my toddler riding with me. I can't find many reviews or comparisons about different child seats. I'm looking for one that mounts so the kid is in front of me. My main issue is that I don't want to booger up my carbon frame. Does anybody have experience with running any certain types of seats? Any input is appreciated.
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Personally I wouldn't do it., kid plus seat ~30lbs of mass pushing down on the top tube.

Which bike frame is it?
I had and used the iBert successfully on a nice FS bike. I was struggling to remember the name and in googling it there are some negative reviews for failure, but mine worked great.

I am not an engineer and will not claim to understand how force would be applied to your frame, but it attaches to the steerer tube.
I have a shotgun seat. Its clamped pretty tight. IMO, I'm not sure I'd be comfortable with one on a carbon frame, though there is many product shots of them being used on all kinds of nice bikes.
I have a do little which sits on the top tube and has a couple of bolts to pinch it on the downtube. Have it on a carbon bike and it's absolutely fine. I did pack under the seat with an old inner tube to get the seat angle correct and also need to be wary that your top tube isn't too thick. I can get some photos when I'm back at home if that's helpful.

Also had an iBert before that when our daughter was smaller, again that worked pretty well but you have to make sure you have at least 20mm of spacers on your steerer tube. I did find the iBert could slip a little bit and did wear the spacers a bit but nothing of concern.

How old is your toddler? I reckon iBert is ok up to about 2 and a half and then we went to the do little.

The little handle bars are also great with the do little type seats.


the iBert looks and sounds a bit sketchy tho :S
Why would you risk serious injury to your child by having it on a seat on the bike? When the kid hits the pavement a helmet is not going to prevent head injury, only keep all the pieces contained in the helmet much like the old leather racing helmets that were referred to as brain baskets.
ibert for littles but I wouldn't use one on a nice mtb (have one on beach cruiser)
Have mac-ride & little dood LOVES it. Mounts to spacer under stem & seat post, doesn't touch the frame at all. New shotgun pro(?) is similar style/mounting.
Mac Ride and the Kids ride shotgun Pro(basically a reverse engineered Mac Ride) are gonna be your best options if you don’t wanna mess up you frame. I have a regular shotgun and that bogger is clamped down tight on my aluminum trek stache. I think the Shotgun Pro is the better of the 2 as the seat angle is adjustable. The regular shotgun may be ok it’s kinda of a pain to take on and put back and get it set up correctly again.
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Thanks for the suggestions. The frame is a 2021 Slash. We will see what child seat Santa (wife) brings.
We do weekly rides with my kids on legit mtb trails and use the mac ride.

I am as nit picky as them come and I cant find a single fault with it.

I use it on a revel rail carbon frame and a canfield yeli screamy aluminum frame . Switching frames back and forth is a breeze.
Macride hands down. The “new” shotgun pro is a copy of it, but puts the seat up higher which is a big difference.

The macride keeps the child down lower, better COG and adult vision is not restricted and arm movement is easier with better access to bars.
I’ve used the macride on Sworks stumpjumper and SC Hightower. No issues with frame as there is simply no contact.

It’s now been through 2 kids both starting at around 18months and still going with the youngest at 4.5.

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