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Need advice for beginner DJ/Park

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Hey, I'm new here and I'm looking for advice on what kind of bike I should be buying if I want to get into park riding and some dirt jumping.

Currently I have an entry level bike (2005 Specialized Hardrock)
I was looking at the Specialized P. series, Jamis Kromo and some Haro bikes but I wasn't sure what to buy, especially with all the models these days, it gets overwhelming.

I want something that's durable, light and a decent price (say $500-1000) hopefully something in between would be great.
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Giant STP, Blkmrkt 357, Cannondale Chase, P-bikes(Have a low bb though), NS-Bikes makes good completes....NS frames aren't much of a beginner frame though
it depends on a lot of factors. size/height/age, what tricks you want to do, how much you want to spend etc.

i think 20" BMX is a great way to learn skatepark riding. then you can also pick up a 24" or 26" mtbmx and shred on both.

something like this:

Kink complete - Transition 2010


20.75" TT, 4130 cromo frame, full cromo fork, integrated headset, 2-pc Kink 8" bars, 25t Kink sprocket, cassette hub with 9t driver, 175mm 3-pc tubular cromo cranks, sealed Mid bb, Wellgo alloy pedals, Tektro U brake, 2 pegs
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I looked at all the same bikes you just mentioned.

Specialiez P was my favorite since it was orange haha! i stood over it and it was good geo to fit my tall frame, but it only comes in one size (Large). it came with a DJ3 (which some people here say are nto that good, but im sure they are decent; I have yet to ride my DJ3s), but at close to 1K out the door for the P1 that may nto fit into some peoples budget. P1 does use Avid in lieu of Tektro Aquila mech. disks - im sure they are similar in function however. i prefer mech over fluid personally.

The Haro Thread or Steel use Mrz DJ3 forx as well as the black market. The steel reserve 1 is a little over 1K but upgrades the forks to a DJ2. The Thread 1 is about the same componetry as the blkmrkt 357 but the 357 was less dough. Since i live is So Cal, i was able to go pick it up from S&M bikes.

Not sure about the Jamis. I do currently have a Jamis Durango Sport that I have had for years and its a tough frame that handles my punshinment.

the reasons i bought the black market was the deeply discounted price of 650 cash out the door, the 22" top tube length, the hot color scheme, it was a SS which i wanted, basic same features as the other bikes in the 1K range. if you want i can give you the contact info that i used to get my black market. again, this was a local pick up in so cal, not sure about shipping but i am sure they will ship it as they are selling them in the box.

good luck.

My newly assembled 357 (like 1 day ago new). still need to air up the tires and RIDE IT!
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The Jamis Kromo is a great bike. The geometry is similar to that of an Eastern bike but you get WAY better customer service out of Jamis. The Jamis does come equipped with Hayes Hydro brakes front and back which I would personally swap out for some BB7s. The only down side is the fork, it's some RST piece. However, at around $900 you can't go wrong.
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