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Need a shimano Freehub tool - FH-40?

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These are really hard tools to find. I found one, used it once on my Shimano XT freehub with a great result. Since then I moved to a Chris King hub and no longer need the tool.

I've put it up on Ebay at below my cost. Here is the auction number: 280438409267

I only post this message here because this tool is so hard to find and works better than "flushing" solvent and lube in the Freehub.
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Shimano FH-40

Hi Robert,

do you still happen to have the Shimano FH-40 tool for sale? I need to winterize my freehub for a Siberian cycling expedition.


206 724 8450
hey guys..... read the FAQ. we are not supposed to be doing this kind stuff here.....
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