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Need a replacement fork, what to buy?

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I know this questions gets asked way to much but my scenario is I have a 2004 I-Drive 1.0 with a Rock Shox Judy XC. It doesnt have much for mileage on it but it started leaking air through the top rubber hole(only way to fill it on 2002 model). I took it to 3 LBS's and none could fix. So I hunted around and found upgrade replacement to schrader valve, I installed it but the fork is still jacked up. The fork is too old for replacment parts even though its barely used so I think my only option to to pony up for a new fork.

I was using this bike to get back into the sport and it worked well so have been looking for a used SC Heckler or Intense but havent found any. At this point I want to ride so I decided to just get a few fork.

What do I need to look for? I am looking for a comprable replacement, not the latest n greatest, something that will work for my 2004 I-Drive 1.0 and a 190lb rider with minimal maintenance. I will probably only hang onto the bike for another 3-6 months anyway.

Any suggestions, can I get something for under $300 that isn't junk? Thanks all.
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1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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