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I am looking to try a new build project. And it has to be a Turner!
I would like some opinions.
I was thinking a 1)Flux with a pair of 650b wheels?
2)Flux with a 29er front and 26 rear?
3)Sultan with a 29er front and a flux rear end for a 26 rear?
Will any of these combinations work?
What do you guys think?
I like the 29/26 combination! I have a Carver 96er and it is a real fun bike! It rolls nice, keeps a fast pace, and excellerates quick with the 26 rear!
I am open to sugestions??
I would also like a 2005 Flux frame if I go through with any of these. Any one have a nice one?

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I vote Sultan with a 29er up front....and 29er out back. If you must do something oddball - go 650B out back :)

FWIW - I'm highly intrigued by the Trek Top Fuel 69er - looks highly fun!
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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