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Need a new rack

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So I've broken some of the welds on the rack on the back of my commuter. I haul groceries with it, which can be a lot of weight when it's canned goods, and sometimes ride a little more aggressively than I should.

I'm pretty into most of the system - I love those wire baskets, and a single attachment to the brake bridge seems to be adequate, which is good since there aren't any chainstay mounts. I'm looking for recommendations for the rack itself. I'd like it to cost under $40, since this is a bike I leave locked outside from time to time.
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If you like it, why not have it fixed? If you live on Long Island I'll do it for nothing.
Take it off the bike and start making calls, I'm sure you have a welding shop that will do it pretty reasonably
It's a rack from a $10 pile at a used bike shop. So it's pretty much disposable and would cost more to repair than it's worth, I think. Anyway, I'm trading someone in my riding club a sixer for a new one.

Waste bothers me, but I'm pretty sure my city recycles aluminum...
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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