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Need a new fork!

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my friend just got a new Giant trance frame, and he needs a new fork,
He wants a 100mm travel he is 6'3 230lb around $400 range
we looked at the rock shox reba,tora,R7 he wants a lockout too!
can you guys recomend a good one!
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Well there's a long list....

that fall into his price range. Your best bet is to go to Jenson USA, and use their search. You can enter the price range at the top of the page and it will show you all forks they carry in that price range.

Just to name a few, the Manitou R7 Elite, Marzocchi MX Comp, Rock Shox Revelation 351 or 327, Fox Vanilla R, and Fox Float R, all 06 models fall either with in or slightly above his price point.

My personal recomendation for the most bang for the buck would be either Marzocchi, or Rock Shox. You'll get the most features for the dollar spent with these two, and great reliability.

If you shop around you may even be able to get an 05 model at a greatly reduced price. There are still a few of them out there. So there's your starting point, so get out there and surf around and see what's available.

Good Dirt
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Reba race just over 400

with 15% off, gets you under $400
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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