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need a crank puller, parktool cwp-6 or ccp-2?

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I have a square taper crank. Which one of these should I get? I think the ccp-2 is for square taper only, while the cwp-6 is for square taper and Shimano Octalink and ISIS Drive. ccp-2 cwp-6
Is there any reason I should get one over the other?

Is 16-20bucks a good price for them from an lbs, Thats the cheapest I found at the two nearby bike shops.

I wont order online because I need it tomorrow perferably, my chain is horribly stuck inbetween the frame/BB and the granny ring, :( and I want to ride.
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Your Choice

As a mechanic I can tell you it's more about personal preferance that anthing else. If you ask me I love the ccp2 and the ccp4, use them everyday. But I've worked with some mechanics that hate them. If you do go with a puller like the cwp-6, I suggest getting the Wrench Force one over the Park. I've used both a lot and feel the Wrench Force one is a bit better.
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Can't go wrong with any of your choices but I would stay away from the CCP4, the tip broke on the first use when trying to remove an ISIS crankset.
Thanks, I will go with hte ccp-2, since I only have a square taper crank.
well, the shop that said they had the ccp-2 for 16bucks, actually had it for 30 when i went in. jackasses

I'm off to buy the cwp-6 for 15bucks, from a lbs farther away but more reliable.
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