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Need a bike

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I just moved to Japan with the military. I'm on a basethat's more or less in the city. I'm looking to spend at the most $350. So far I have access to diamond backs. Although they are all I seem to see on base and I like to be the black sheep. I figureonline might be a better place to find a bike. It needs to be able to be shipped to FPO/AP. And free shipping up to $50 shipped is all I'd care to spend there. I'm looking at a lot of pavement and off road whenever possible. I hear there are trails , but don't know if I'll get to some, although I'll try. Hybrids do nothing for me. Suspension? I don't know having only ridden rigid bikes. I saw the full suspension hummer dh26 for $250, but can't find a review anywhere. Suggestions for bikes and places to get them in my price range is appreciated. I am very mechanically and repair inclined but also would prefer not sinking slot of cash into repairs.

My name is Garrick. Hello and I look forward to participatingin this forum in japan and definately when I get back to the states in a few years and can probably upgrade both my equipment and skills. Oh, and I'm 31 , 5 ft, 11, and 200 lbs. Thanks
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Some thoughts...

your budget is at, or just below, a good entry level bike, and you want it shipped, so that's a pretty strict constraint. suspension is definitely out. HT is all you can afford that will be of any quality and endurance and serviceability.

Hummer bikes? Dept store junk, read the sticky post at the top of the 'beginners' forum' on Dept store bikes. Stick only to brand name bikes if you want to ride it and enjoy it.

I don't know mail order Co's that ship to Japan, sorry.

I think Diamondback would be a good choice, but see if you can find a brand name bike at a Japanese LBS somewhere that is similar, and then you won't be riding the same bike as all the rest. Specialized, TREK, Fuji, Cannondale, Kona, Giant, and many more to choose from.

Good luck, Jim
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You might consider buying a bike from someone whom is shipping out .
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