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neding upgrades

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hey all iv final got fed up with my stock head set on my p2 and was wondering if you had any sugestions. i was thinking race face dialblos or a cris king. the stere tube on the fork Jrt. is 1 inch and the head set on it doest seem to hold it no mater how much you tighen it. so ither i hafta get a new fork or head set. still wating on my wheel but im hoping to get the p2 up and runing soon. probaly gona get a bash gaurd to cuz i basicly need a new chain. right now its basicly stock except for the Jrt on it. any upgrades i should seriously consider?
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Honestly none of what you said makes sense. I think you must mean that you have one inch of steerer sticking up from the headtube when the fork is installed, and that is plenty. It sounds like your stem is what you're having problems with. Do you have the correct amount of spacers so you can preload your headset? Is it loose? If it is you do probably need a spacer or two under your stem. You do sound like you have no idea what is going on with the front end of your bike so maybe you should just take it into a bike shop. :confused:

good luck


ok i have over an inch of stearer tube above the stem and it has the proper spacers so that the cap can pull down on the tube. i tighen that down as much as posible.( yes i loosen the steam bolts and crown bolts so that it can pull down) but it still has lots of play that maks it not ridable well not healthy to ride.
Or there is something wrong with your headset or your startnut is mouving up when you tighen.
did ya remember to install a race on the fork before you put it on?...

yes i installed the race when i put the fork on. as for the star nut yea it has moved but i got a new one put in and the new one hasn't moved. so im thinking the head set is screwed. im just gona take it to the shope n let them replace / do what ever they want with it to make it work. n i think instead of a chian guin n cahin ring thats on it right now im gond dubble cahn guide it. and put rollers there. thinking of get some cank bros mallet pedals to since i used to ride cliped in. ive riden with out clips for a year n yea i like it but with the amount of pedaling around i hafta do it more efficent n i won't be astried when i hit the trails. plus i can always clip out to ride thing as needed.
i reccomend a head nuts are good, but head locks are better. anyway, good luck.
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