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Navy bonus check, if you could have any bike what would it be?

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About to have some good cash flow comin in and going to be selling my IH to get a dedicated downhill rig and a dedicated single crown freeride rig. Thinking Rocky Mountain, Knolly, Yeti, or Nicolai. This thread is more just for fun :thumbsup:
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I'd put it in the bank and save it for a house.

Or spend it on hookers and blow. But I guess if I have to choose a bike, maybe it would be a Knolly Delirium or V-Tach, cuz I hear those are balls out.
or way for the new DH bike.

or a jedi

or a revolt

or a dw DHR

Or a bucket
Is it an enlistment bonus or a reenlistment bonus? If its enlistment bonus I say youd better bank as much of the cash as possible. Realistically you should bank it either way.

For the fun of the thread though... Im kind of digging my Reign X1 for the midtravel variety freeride/ all mountain/ xstuntry type riding. I was looking in the 7" travel range and used though so my options were limited to the big box bikes (Sx Trails, Nomads, Bullits.)

I was also looking at a used Glory 1 (single crown variety) but decided it would be a bit over kill for where Im mostly riding.

If money werent an issue Intense was just at a local event with demo bikes and the Uzzi VP (7- 7.5 adjust.) and 951 were really nice.
Jim311 said:
I'd put it in the bank and save it for a house.

Or spend it on hookers and blow. But I guess if I have to choose a bike, maybe it would be a Knolly Delirium or V-Tach, cuz I hear those are balls out.
lol Hookers and blow with a Navy bonus check would probably result in him in the brig and having to pay back the bonus.
I would be looking at the dw-dhr or a reign x. Don't spend it all man.
Sorry this is off topic, but my son is leaving in a few weeks for boot (Illinois), and wil be working in aviation electronics. I'm hoping he gets stationed here on the west coast. Where are you stationed?
Money no object, just for the hell of it:

Freeride bike - Knolly V-Tach with a Totem. Full 2009 Saint group (at least brakes & cranks).

DH Bike - Perhaps an Evil Revolt, a Sinister F-Bomb (see what a well designed single pivot is all about) or a Canfield Jedi, depending on what and where you are riding. Your choice of a Fox 40RC2 or a 2010 Boxxer. I'd still stick with the Saint cranks and brakes. Deemax wheels, just because.
Ok, I'll play.

DH - Evil Revolt or Canfield Jedi.
FR - Intense Uzzi VP

That should put a nice hole in that wad.
Intense 951 or Canfield Jedi running a Elka Stage 5.

Boxxer 2010 WC, Saint cranks and brakes, Mavic Deemax 2009 wheelset, Sram X9 etc.
I was going to say canfield Jedi but I guess that's already been covered.

For DH I'd probably go with one of the Purgatory bikes offerings. Most likely the Spaghetti Legs. Every couple months I go to that website and just drool over those bikes.

For FR I'd probably go with a Scott Gambler FR, or a Knolly V-Tach. I dunno, I don't think much about freeride rigs I guess.
Canfield Jedi with Roco
I9 wheels
Hammer Schmidt
Elixer CR brakes
Thompson post
WTB Rocket V seat
Diety bars
Twenty6 stem
Gravity Lite cranks
Bonus from going in? Or coming out?
Bank it if in....
If out, JEDI !!!!!!!!!!
wow...everyones going for the jedis...well if you're getting both, def get a jedi and a can diggle...or a v10 and driver 8. it'd be cool to have bike that would ride kind of similarly so you wouldn't feel uncomfortable on either
You do realize that your bonus check is going going to be heavily taxed, and possably distributed annually on your enlistment date, per year of your enlistment/re-enlistment. You might want to check and make sure you will be recieving it in one lump sum, and how much tax is going to be taken out., before you start selling off your bikes, and getting your hopes up.

I re-enlisted in the Army National Guard, and I was burned like this. To make things worst, I was transfered to a different unit, and had to switch jobs which disqaulified me from receiving the remaining 3/4rths of my bonus check. :madman:
Trek session 88 DH

Mavic EX721 laced to blue hope pro2 hubs
Nuke proof bars
Straitline Blue pedals and stem
Manitou Revox ISX air rear shock
Totem Coil or 2010 BOXXER team up front
Avid Elixir R's

That be the start of my dream build
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