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natty night romp???

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Anyone up for a natty night romp tonight? Gonna be warm but it will be fun! Meet at cactus bikes at 830 for super secret parking spot... AZdesertRat is in too...right bee master??? Gotta try out my new magicshine from GEOMAN!!!
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got other plans tonight, but that magicshine is awesome! used mine for the first time the other night.
Did you get the 900 or the 1400? I'm currently running the 900 on my helmet, and am thinking about getting the 1400 for my handlers for the extra oomph.
Anyone got a light I could borrow? Mine is old any only last for like 45 minutes. :(
Sick sweaty shred tonight...
AZdesertRat and I hit the trail about 9pm and pedaled our butts up to lower waterfall and railed back down. I got to test my new GEOMAN Magic Shine rules!!! Super bright, light battery and easy to use. I think Jim's getting one. Thanks GEOMAN!!! Met one lurker named Nate out there ripping, saw him drop down the waterfall so smooth only to find out it was his second time riding national and he usually road bike...I think he was telling us a fib. Anyways good to see another rider instead of more wolf spiders, millipedes, centipedes and real AZ desert Rats!!! Hopefully we can make this a weekly occurrence. gotta get a magic shine and join in the gnar.
Here's a couple of pics...

AZdesertRat all sweaty after a fire road warm up

desertrat climbing

nate dropping waterfall

look at those 8 million people and we're the only 3 on the mountain?
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That was definitely fun. I'm diggin' the night rides. Let's make this a weekly thing! Bob, you said Monday works good for you, right? David, get the GEOMAN light. That's a steal for $89 - noticeably brighter than my [on sale] $200 TriNewt. I'd have to think that is one of the absolute best bang-for-your-buck lights out there. I'm gonna pick one up for my helmet.
Damn... I may have to pick up my Magicshine, sooner rather than later, and join you guys...
Bob, cool pics! And to clarify i said only second time at night and that in summer i ride the road. Best part of that ride was at the parking lot on the way down. Rode into a pack of coyotes down by the golf course. The pack started squealing and prancing around barely visible with out my light on. Clicked on the light six green eyes turned and stared me down than bolted up the east loop trail. Nice shredding with you guys even if sorta took off, low on water and time.
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