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Very nice specs for a fork. Especially if you have a - for your taste - sluggish handling suspension corrected bike, this fork can quicken it up considerable (Lada to Ferrari) while only being 15mm shorter than a KM fork.
To correct for the altered angles with the shorter fork, add one or two stem spacers and get a 10mm shorter stem (or just go from 5º to 15º, same length, 2 flies in one strike), adjust seat 10mm aft, and it will more or less fit/feel the same as before, but with a much more lively front.
Sitting a bit more back on the bike, will efectively shorten the rear end quicken it as well.

Probably overkill for KM owners though, but I'm sure it'd work great on bikes with <71,5º head angles, especially small sizes. Do realise that over a KM fork, the BB will drop around 6mm.
The 2mm extra offset over a KM fork does a good part in the quickening, along with the ~3/4º that the angles steepen.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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