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I am looking for a full suspension XC bike. Sense I tend to hold onto my bikes forever durrability is a prime concern but I would also like it to be light. My price range is in the 2500 area. I think I have it narrowed down to four bikes, but I am open to others.
The four are:

Santa Cruz Blur- Nice ride. Front fork bobs a bit , but that is probably set up. I am concerned about pivot durability in the wet. Should I be?

Titus Racer X- Looks sweet. I haven't ridden this one yet. Can I get one built under 3 big?

Turner Burner- I can't find one to ride. It looks real durable and I like the idea of the greeseable bushings.( I live where it rains alot)

Rocky Element- don't know much about this one.

Please help me by pointing out flaws in thes bikes or things they do extremely well. Any comments gladly read.


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