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Just wanted to give a big thumbs up to those responsible for the design and maintenance of the Narrowback and Lookout Mountain loops near Staunton VA.


Just got back from vacationing there and gotta tell you it was a blast! Both awesome and both very different.

We have typically taken our spring MTB trip in North Carolina (Asheville). I have to say, the trails in VA are just as fun and way easier to navigate! We are definitely returning!

Locals are very lucky to have these types of trails in their back yard!

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Yeah, those are great trails. I hit those a couple years ago, and wouldn't mind going back to them, but there are so many great trails around there, I just haven't made it back yet. Last time I was in the area, I rode Reddish Knob, out Timber Ridge, and down Wolf Ridge. Wolf Ridge is another trail that's gotten some attention recently.
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