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Wanted to give you a little more info on the new trail plan for Naneum Ridge outside of Ellensburg...

First check out the second half of the GiveBig video:
. Great overview from our Kittitas chapter prez! Starts at 1:30 in.

The Naneum Ridge State Forest new trail construction project will create up to 34 miles of new trail and span multiple years. The complete plan calls for a Lower Family Area with 6 miles, an Upper Advanced Area with 18 miles, a 6-mile connector between the two Areas, and additional stacked loop options.

The first phase started with design in 2018 and will span the entire 2019 build season for construction. The Phase 1 Goal is at least 8 miles of new trail (4 in the Family Area and 4 miles of the singletrack connector). A successful Give Big campaign could mean more!

This first phase will be entirely rider funded by the Evergreen Kittitas chapter and our Annual Give Big campaign.

This project is one piece of the much bigger "Naneum Ridge to Columbia River Rec Plan" that spans multiple agency lands, caters to all non-moto and motorized rec groups, covers summer and winter rec, and was co-developed by DNR and WDFW. Long-term vision is for a hut-to-hut system that could connect Ellensburg to Mssion Ridge/Squilchuck and to the Columbia River!

Feel free to scout around caltopo to check out the trail area: These lines aren't final -- it just shows you the area and terrain.

Or go to Trailforks to see the location of the future trails and everything else that is around:

Then Give Big to help make it happen!


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Thanks Curveball!!
Thank you Mike!

This new trail system looks really awesome. I'm extremely excited to see this happen.

It'll be really nice to go over there when it's wet and cold on this side of the mountains. It'll also be a tremendous recreation resource for the people of Ellensburg.
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