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I went for a ride there yesterday, and it was a lot better than I expected.

Started at Bear Notch Road and headed west. The first part of Rob Brook Trail is still real wet. like up to your knees wet, but I gather it's always like that. Middle Nanamocomuck all the way to West Junction is pretty cool; on the map it looks flat but there's plenty of contour and you can cook a little. Watch out for stumps, though ;-)

At West Junction it gets a little funky. There's no sign; head to the right on the fire road for about 100', then left on another fire road, heading up the hill. Pretty soon you're going to be sure you took the wrong fork; persevere. After going through the second clearing and a short stretch with a lot of poison ivy in the trail, watch carefully for a hidden fork in another overgrown clearing. At this point the trail's pretty overgrown, and it's easy to miss where it veers off to the left. If you miss the turn-off, like I did, the trail will just kind of peter out, and you can hit it on the way back. There is a blue blaze marking the intersection, but it's well-hidden. Nice trail, though, with some challenging sections and it's share of mud.

I would have liked to check out Sawyer River and some old roads toward Carrigan, but didn't have time. Came back via Meadow Connector (snowmobile trail), Birch Hill Trail, Rob Brook Road. I wanted to check out the Owl's Cliff Trail, but must've ridden right past it. Before I knew it I was back at the trailhead and I would have had time to explore a litte more, after all.

All in all, about three hours, including a snack and a swim in the Swift River. Good ride, good workout. I think I'll go back to check out the lower part of the trail and do some exploring: Chruch Ponds, Sawyer Pond, Owl's Cliff, etc. and the tons of trails heading off into the woods here & there.

Hints: wear long clothes; between the skeeters, ticks, stumps, and thorns, you'll be glad you did. Don't go swimming in the Swift River; it's too damn cold. Get a map-- I did, on the way home, and would have liked to have it during the ride. Bought mine for $7 at the bookstore in Lincoln.

have fun!
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