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Just back from a family vacation in Namibia. I got in two rides there and wanted to share my impressions, limited though they are, because I found very little online about Namibian MTB. I rode on trails in Windhoek (the capital and main airport) and on dunes in Swakopmund on the coast.

The Windhoek trails were pretty cool. Built within the past 5 years, extensive trail system (I forget the number, maybe 30+ miles?), dusty singletrack with lots of bermed turns. A little skills loop with tabletop jumps and drops at the trailhead, and someone was building a big, legit jump line nearby. The little bit I did was decently fun and definitely worth checking out if you're there, could easily do several rides there. I'm told there's a growing MTB scene there with lots of fast young racers.

Fatbiking the Swakopmund dunes was just amazing. I'm no fatbiker, but it was mindblowing, one of the most remarkable mtb experiences I've had anywhere. Fun, challenging, otherworldly.

I rented my bikes from Mannie's Bike Mecca, which has bike shops both places, shockingly well-stocked and with very competent wrenches. Rode a Norco in Windhoek and a 9:Zero:7 in the dunes. "Mannie" is Mannie Heymans, a 3-time Olympian for Namibia in MTB (even carried the torch once) who besides still being a great rider is a super guy. He guided me around the dunes and set me up with a friend of his, Leander, to guide me in Windhoek. (You could do Windhoek without a guide easily, but not Swakopmund.) I can't recommend Mannie's highly enough.

I also saw videos (here and here) about riding on Spitzkoppe but didn't get there myself. Looks fun. I'm 99% sure that the dunes in Bron's video (first link) are Sossusvlei not Swakopmund; I saw no riders when I was there and I'm not aware of any rentals or guides there but am not sure.

I'm not here much any more but happy to answer questions if I notice.
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