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Name this steel 26" frame- is it Mountain? Custom built? Vintage guys, where are you?

I acquired a strange looking frame, and had it built up. However, I built it up as a 26" BMX single speed. The more I look at old pictures of it, the more I am getting convinced it may have been a mountain bike due to these tell tale signs:

1- Super long top tube
2- Steep rake on the headtube- a suspension fork may look more normal on this than a BMX fork.
3- No brake hole provision- I used brake mount adapters like Moots Mounts from back in the day.
4- A standard old school freewheel will not fit, so I built up a modern day rear BMX cassette hub.

What do you think, or can you even ID this if it is mountain? Someone on a BMX forum told me it may have been made by a custom bike builder in Tampa, FL.

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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