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Niner started here on MTBr. You all are a big part of why we get to keep working on what has grown from a little project to a thriving company - a place where 29 people have dream jobs. You've helped us with product development, color selection and even product names. For everything you've contributed to our success, we are eternally grateful.

We are working on a new Niner - something that I am sure will appeal to old school MTBr readers in particular. No carbon, no linkages, just an honest, hardworking, burly steel hardtail in a trail-bike format (with lots of great details). We put a couple of prototypes out on the trails just recently and they are already some of the most coveted bikes in the office stable. The finished product will be ready in June.

I've got some photo details of the unpainted proto below, for those of you who enjoy pics of projects in development. Feel free to ask questions or make suggestions - we are listening.


It seems fitting that our newest steel rig takes us back to our roots. In recognition of MTBr's significance to our history, we are going to put the naming of this new bike in capable hands of forum members. The community member who suggests the winning name wins the first production version of this frame in their size!

To enter:

  1. The name must be three letters long followed by a 9.
  2. The three letters can be a word (the word doesn't have to be English, but if it isn't, please supply the language and the definition of the word in your entry)
  3. The three letters can be an acronym (please submit the meaning of your acronym with your entry)
  4. Submit your entry here on in this thread for everybody to see. Francis is helping us to moderate, so no fair deleting or editing.
  5. You must have Email/PMs turned on. If we can't contact you, you can't claim your prize.
  6. You must be 18 or older to win.
  7. First round entries must be received by March 10, 2013
  8. We will only allow three name ideas per person - you can list them all in one post or one per post.
  9. Funny is great, but obviously, we are going to keep it clean. Suggestions that don't fit this standard will be deleted at our discretion and not considered for voting.

At midnight PST on March 10, we will close the first round of the contest. Francis will then post a poll for users to pick their favorite. You can vote for more than one name, and votes will be visible to everyone. Recruiting friends will be useful at this time!

The top five names in the vote (with no trademark issues) will make it into the final round - a vote by Niner employees. We will post the winner and commentary on the vote here when it is all said and done.

Thanks for everything, you all are the core of our community!
Chris Sugai


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All Mountain Perfection

Can be used quite easily in sentence... I'm getting pretty AMPed up about that ride this weekend!


Simple/Steel Hardtail Excellence


No acronym but simply put what it is... The one bike you will be riding while the rest stays in the shed!
1 - 20 of 853 Posts
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