I have been attending the North American Handmade Bicycle Show since 2006 when it was in San Jose. It was in San Jose again in 2007 and the Mtbr crew traveled to Portland for a great show in 2008. Indianapolis, IN and Richmond, VA were too far for our travel budget, but we attended again in Austin, TX last year. We were happy that Don (Don Walker, founder and main man of NAHBS) brought his show back to California this year.

Never, in all my years of attendance, have I ever seen such a HUGE turn-out on a Friday (the show runs 3 days Fri-Sun), as there was yesterday. The exhibit hall was PACKED! Today (Saturday) is going to be crazy. If you live anywhere in NorCal (heck, if you live anywhere in Cali!) you should definitely make the drive!

The majority of our time on Friday was filming interview videos with as many builders as we can. We met with 15 builders and shot 19 videos. Shooting, editing and processing videos takes time, so please be patient. We will have over 50 videos by the time our coverage is complete.

In the meantime, here are a few photos and highlight of what we saw at NAHBS 2012 - day one.