With a brutally cold and snowy winter pounding the eastern half of the country, demand for fat bikes has skyrocketed. This dramatic rise in interest was evident at the North American Handmade Bike Show with an array of builders showing their latest fat creations. Even the weather in Louisville, Kentucky (locale of NAHBS 2015) was in on the fat bike theme, with a snowstorm hitting the city and shutting down much of downtown on the Thursday before the show. Despite the cold and snow, attendees of all ages still turned out en masse and many flocked to the abundance of fat bikes displayed on nearly every aisle.

Boo Bicycles

Boo Bicycles' vibrant blue and white polka dot fat bike with rims painted to match was hard to miss. This Aluboo model was one of the less expensive frame constructions offered by the bamboo bicycle manufacturer. Aluminum lugs and bamboo tubing are epoxied together to create a durable frame for a reasonable price. Starting at $900 (frame only), the Aluboo was one of most affordable bikes at the show this year.

More info: www.boobicycles.com
Price: $900 frame
Availability: Immediately

Eriksen Fat Bike

Eriksen Cycles

This not-so-fat titanium fat bike from Eriksen weighs in at just 23 pounds.

Eriksen Fat Bike

Known for immaculate TIG welds, Eriksen's precision was evident from top to bottom on this fat bike. Eriksen's welds were some of the best seen all weekend and the NAHBS judges awarded the company Best TIG Weld for one of its other similarly flawless bikes.

More info: www.kenteriksen.com
Price: $4000 frame
Availability: 8 weeks

Matter Cycles BeneFat

Matter Cycles

Builder Collin Schaafsma of Matter Cycles built his BeneFat fat bike so that it can be ridden all year round. The bike was designed with aggressive geometry to help it feel like a trail bike on or off the snow. For powdery snowy days however, the BeneFat that is pictured here with 3.8" tires can also fit up to 5 inches of rubber while still maintaining a lively feel, says the builder.

More info: www.mattercycles.com
Price: $1850 custom or $1450 stock sizes
Availability: 2-3 months

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Moonmen Fat Bike


Moonmen fat bikes were some of our favorite bikes of the entire 2015 NAHBS show. The designs were interesting, welds executed neatly, and the addition of small color splashes accented the bikes in just the right way.

Moonmen Fat Bike

Small tensioners built into the chainstays make for easy adjustments to quickly add or reduce the bike's chain tension.

Moonmen Fat Bike

Small, discrete screws connect the front and back half of the bikes like S&S couplers. These screws allow the bike to be broken down and taken apart for easy travel in a small bike case.

Moonmen Fat Bike

With various interesting details throughout Moonmen bikes, it is easy to overlook the simple but modish addition of the swooping handmade handlebars.

More info: www.moonmenbikes.com
Price: $3600
Availability: 2-3 months

Retrotec Fat Bike


Retrotec's brilliant orange fat bike won Best Mountain Bike at NAHBS this year, beating out all other fat bikes as well as all types of mountain bikes.

Retrotec Fat Bike

Retrotec's vibrant orange fat bike stole the show with its sweeping top tube, curvy chainstays, and a Pass and Stow rack painted to match.

More info: www.ingliscycles.com
Price: $1700 - $2400 frames
Availability: 5-7 months

Wiseman Fat Bike

Wiseman Frameworks

Building for only two years now, Dave Wiseman of Wiseman Frameworks demonstrated his building techniques and insights with two fat bikes on display at the show. Small details like internal cable routing capabilities added a clean and modern look to Wiseman's creations.

More info: www.wisemanframeworks.com
Price: $1600 frame
Availability: 6 weeks