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N. Scottsdale NR tonight (Tuesday)

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leaving the Bashas ~7. 1-3 hrs, depending on how far you want to go.
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chollaball said:
leaving the Bashas ~7. 1-3 hrs, depending on how far you want to go.
road or dirt or both?
yetisurly said:
road or dirt or both?
primarily dirt, couple miles of multiuse path, about a mile of road. a bit too much for a CX bike in places, but rigid would be fine.
chollaball do you live in this area? This is right by my house - I can't ride tonight but if you live up here I would like to get together with you and ride this trail sometime. Can you ever do a night ride starting around 8.30-9pm? I got kids I need to put to bed around 8 so always have trouble riding till afterwards. But I am up for early weekend rides too.
Where exatctly are you riding... Gateway loop?
Drats! I've been waiting for a post like this and would LOVE to go but have to work until 8p tonight. I'll keep my eyes peeled for the next one, Cholla.
darn...guess I'll have to hit somo at 830 instead. Bigbad...we're meeting at cactus if you wanna do some natty
awe man...traveling this week for work...if next week works for you guys, I'm in...
Guess I need to keep my light charged. I was free tonight and live 10 minutes away, but light is DEAD.
twas a good one, even it it was only me and myowndamnself. 2 hrs in the lower Mcds and other paths, then a stop for a Moose Drool at The Tavern, a 30 min sprint home on the roads, then a wind-down with my pup through Westworld. The last time I actually was in Westworld was 1990, when they hosted the Ultimate Frisbee Collegiate National Championships and my team was 10th in the nation - now i live round the corner. small ironic world.

anywho, good to hear from the other locals replying to this thread. typically i gotta plan my rides out, but i'm bach'in it this week so schedules have been fluid and this was short notice. hope to post up another one, or maybe one of all y'all will do so.
Hey man - I'm delivering my family to Delaware this week, but would be down for a loop next week(end)? I

So , you did your reservation loop I take it?

This might be a good enough reason for me to get a light. I could hook up with you where you cross cactus.
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